Sue, an artist I am working with told me about the seagulls near her home; about what a pain they are, squealing and squawking outside her home all hours, keeping her awake at night. For Sue it only exacerbates her feelings of not being where she would like to be, not yet in her dream home after two years of searching, still stuck in a little flat not suited to her creative need for space. Also like many creative people she is highly sensitive, and the noise is intolerable for her.

So it was with trepidation that I suggested to her that perhaps rather than trying to escape the seagulls she could get a little closer to them; ‘become their apprentice Sue, watch them, draw them, get to know them, become curious about the intrinsic qualities of a seagull and ask yourself what you might learn from them’, I suggested.
To my pleasure and in her usual up-for-a-challenge way Sue agreed and in what seemed like no time at all she was messaging me with this feedback.

‘It’s time to view things from a different angle. Seagull symbolism suggests taking a moment to step back from everything I am currently trying to deal with. Perhaps I should try to soar above the drama, (I can be a bit of a drama queen) see through my emotional boundaries and therefore make space for creative thinking to move in. A solution lies within changing my attitude towards the problems in hand.

Seagulls are scavengers but they are also opportunists, seagull symbolism suggests there is always opportunity in everything, including the most unlikely places, this is creative thinking in action! Although things may seem a little barren and unproductive right now be conscious that even the most unlikely places can bear an opportunity. There lies a clue under the surface in the long-hidden resources you already have.’

Seagull symbolism reminds you that everything has a purpose but there are also many things in your life that need to be reassigned and perhaps to let go of clutter no longer of use. So I have to try and trust that I am in this place and time for a reason, trust my intuition and be guided by that.

How wonderful to hear Sues new perspective on this ongoing issue of both seagulls and of her search for a new home. As I write this Sue and her husband are in the far North of Scotland looking at potential property, I can’t help but think of her words and hope that one day soon they will find a delightful new home perhaps in an unlikely or unusual place just as the Seagulls do. As a Nature Based Coach, I have seen miracles happens when people connect to nature as their guide and often a little of the magic and wisdom from the natural world will cross over into our human world in mysterious and unexpected ways.