Nature Based Mindfulness Sessions

Learn how you can feel calm and relaxed as well as focused and energetic by practicing nature-based mindfulness outdoors. This is a delightful and simple technique which makes the most of the rich sensory experience of being in the natural world. Once you have learnt how to practice Nature Based Mindfulness, it will transform the way you experience the natural and more than human world. You will be taught how to use this particularly effective and simple style of mindfulness so that you can deepen your connection to the nature and use its riches to rejuvenate you and increase your overall mental health and wellbeing. When you practice this regularly you will become more balanced and able to function well in you professional and personal life. It is also a very enjoyable and pleasure activity!

£30 per person per hour

£50 for groups of up to five per hour


“..Wow…..well, if this carries on like today has done, I will be in 7th heaven.  I feel like I have had jump leads attached to me and been jump started !!! ”


“Really feeling the benefit of yesterdays session. Calm but motivated frame of mind today.”


“Thank you for yesterday Caroline. You are truly exceptional at what you do. “


“I have found working outside in nature with Caroline has helped to see issues in different perspectives, seeing myself and others as part of something bigger than all of us, and in a constant state of impermanence, change and cycles has helped to me to connect to the natural flow of life”


“I have found the sessions with Caroline helpful to work out where I want to head next in my life. The mindfulness practised in the sessions, and that I have been able to continue with her support outside of sessions, has helped me find a calm place from which to think about what I want to do, and to feel grounded and secure. It has supported me in various areas of my life, including my career plans. “


“For me, Caroline is helping me connect to what I might tentatively  call the wisdom of the natural world.

I find benefit in slowing down, reaching for authenticity in how I might choose to contribute to the world. I find the release of energy that comes with this enables me to be move out into the world from a more centred way.

Caroline is a gentle intuitive skilled guide. She uses powerful questions within a flexible framework. Kind and patient, yet supporting development and accountability. “